Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paris Photojournal: 11/9 - 11/11

That's right: Paris. The city I love. Gretchen, Isa, and I decided on a whim a few weeks ago that we wanted to go to Pairs, so we did! That's the beauty of study abroad - you can travel wherever you want, for the weekend. How amazing to be able to say, "Oh yes, I went to Paris for the weekend." I felt much fancier than I really am.

So without further ado, here's the photojournal of my weekend. There was lots of walking, lots of sight-seeing, and lots of a macaroons. And chai. It was beautiful.

Christmas in the Amsterdam airport! Way early, but still.

In front of the opera house. (L to R: Gretchen, Isa, me)

Gretchen and me at Place de Concorde.

Isa and me on Pont de la Concorde.

The Louvre at night!

Proof: we went, we saw, we conquered.

Travel-weary, but in front of the Mona Lisa.

Hall upon hall of statues at the Louvre.


We were serenaded at breakfast.

In front of the Eiffel Tower!

On the batobus, on the way to Notre Dame.

Notre Dame!

On our way to Notre Dame.

My favorite rose window in Notre Dame.

Pieta altar piece in Notre Dame.

Gargoyles atop Notre Dame.

The view from the top of Notre Dame.

Arc de Triomphe
Just before we climbed the Eiffel Tower.

Hot spiced wine at dinner!

Hotel des Invalides garden.


And... the alps. They were on beautiful on our flight back to Florence.

So there you go. Paris. I ate all the food I could, we fit as much sight-seeing in as possible, and got really depressed when we had to leave. Seriously, the most difficult thing I've done all semester was leave Paris. Sad day. 

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